N Scale 150ft. Bridge Kit w/Walkways.

N Scale 150ft. Bridge Kit w/Walkways.

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  • Item #: 1820
  • Manufacturer: Central Valley
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N Scale Truss with all Options

1820 150 foot Truss Bridge Kit.

The 1820 N Scale Truss Bridge with Walkways & Railings is a beautifully detailed kit. She is a one of a kind beauty, and we believe that N Scalars will love to add her to their existing layout or even have it to display as a trophy on their desk or mantel!

Central Valley #1820 N scale truss bridge kit assembled with walkways painted and weathered.

Vertical Clearance  Approximately: 1.75" (code 81 rail head)  23' 4" (160th scale)
Length (end to end)  Approximately: 11 15/32" (over-all)  153'    (160th scale)
Length (shoe- shoe)  Approximately: 11 1/4" (center - center)  150'    (160th scale)
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