Established by George Hook in 1947 Central Valley Model Works, Inc. is a manufacturing company widely known for free rolling sprung equalizing HO scale 1/87th scale trucks in the 50’s, 60’s 70’s and 80’s is now a 2 person (“mom & pop”) shop.
George Hook passed away in the mid 70’s leaving the CV truck and Old Timer HO car business to his Widow who ran her own business, collector plate store located in downtown Pasadena, CA. Betty, the Central Valley manager/foreman running the CV production at 13000 Saticoy St. in North Hollywood, CA tried her best to keep good quality rolling out the door. In Betty’s best efforts quality fell away as tooling and supply chain contracts were breached ultimately leading to the transference of CV to long time friend John “Jack” Parker. Jack tackled the problems of quality control for the famous CV Truck with close attention to wheel wobble issues early on. The first versions not tough enough to survive a drop to the floor from 46 inches, and finally a rock solid insulated bushing version as well as the new “Fine Line” trucks introduced by Jeffrey Parker, built up with the pre-existing CV-4 wheel contour also used for all the Narrow Gauge Arch Bar Trucks (“T54’s” AKA as 254’s).
Suddenly a magazine article published in 1979 regarding wheel / axle quality caused Distributors and many other well-established Hobby shops to cancel all standing truck orders as well as return and refunds for all the CV trucks Betty and her crew produced both before and after Jack took on the CV name. Needless to say, bringing CV to its knees at a critical time in the CV history. (more to come later. . .)
Now we manufacture CVT Curvable Ties for HO & N scale model layouts and museum railroad displays. Some of our products include: the classic HO 150 foot Truss Bridge, Steps and Ladders, Fencing's and Railings, a prototype NP 40’ Stock Car Kit with a curved roof, prototype 41’ NP maintenance of way flat car, Curvable CVT ties in mainline as well as Branch Line & turnout ties, Steel Girders and Bridge girders. We are (s-l-o-w-l-y) expanding our N Scale line as well. Our N Scale line consists of: a 150 foot Pratt Truss Bridge with walkway!